Monday, 16 May 2011

Tara Lynn stars in new H&M campaign

H&M's last campaign starred ultra-thin supermodel Gisele Bundchen. So it's refreshing to see the fashion chain challenging stereotypes by hiring a plus-size model for their new ads.

Their fashion-conscious collection comes in sizes 16-30 and is also aimed at younger customers

Recognising the growing demand for more fashion conscious designs when it comes to their larger sizes, the High Street chain is hoping to tap into the younger market.

BiB designer Lisa Hajian said: 'This season a more trend conscious collection has been designed to offer customers a wider range of fashion in sizes 16-30'.

'We have gone for a higher fashion content with this collection, which will appeal to younger customers too.'

Changing the shape of things: Tara joins a growing list of plus-size models who are being chosen to star in big-brand campaigns.

Tara Lynn proudly displays her curves in a bathing suit for the latest Big is Beautiful collection.