Monday, 15 November 2010

Britains Got Talent Dancer becomes Plus Size Model

Fabia Cerra became an overnight sensation on Britain’s Got Talent when the size 18-20 Burlesque dancer caused dozens of complaints from viewers who claimed her act was unsuitable for family television as she danced around half naked with nipple tassles on.

Now the larger-than-life dancer has set out to persuade the fashion industry to use larger ladies on the catwalk by becoming a model and ambassador for Models of Diversity, which campaigns for fashion and beauty industry to use a wider variety of models. This includes models of all shapes and sizes but also all races, ages and abilities.

Since becoming an ambassador, she has campaigned at fashion events, including Britain’s Next Top Model competition. She was quoted as saying;

“The average size of women on the British high street is 16.
Most people in the UK don’t conform to the size and shape of models highlighted in the media.

“I really want to promote real people of all different shapes and sizes and I’m very happy to have been asked to represent the organisation.  It’s something I really believe in. "

Sinclair Model Management who have signed Fabia said the reason they chose her was because she represents real women.

Angel Sinclair, co-founder of Models of Diversity said “I was struck by her bravery on Britain’s Got Talent on each show. She is a inspiration to plus size women.

“For me its about acceptance of one size and most importantly self love which Fabia has in bucket loads. She is an amazing lady.”

Fabias new found success reminds us that it's okay to have curves and that what is attractive in a woman is confidence. Size shouldn't matter.

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