Monday, 15 November 2010

Plus Size Celebrities - Mica Paris

Singer turned TV presenter Mica Paris is a beautiful, healthy and happy plus size 16.

Aswell as a very successful music career Mica has gone on to present her own TV show What Not To Wear. She has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and in West End shows Mama I Want to Sing and Sweet Lorraine.

Last year Mica teamed up with Simply Be to design a collection for plus size women.

While presenting What Not To Wear, Mica encountered many woman whose stories touched her.

She began to examine her own life and choices, and was compelled to tell her story in a bid to inspire confidence and self-esteem to those woman and others.

Her book Beautiful Within: Finding Happiness and Confidence in Your Own Skin is an inspiring look at how we can all turn our lives around and choose a healthy, sane way to live.


  1. Less is more, Mica looks best with nothing on. Missed you in Essex Mica, you bailed on us. Here's hoping you come back some time, my neck still gets shivers when I listen to her version of 'One' or the mighty 'Where Are The Children'.

  2. Those plus sized celebrities looks so fabulous in their plus size dresses. I love 'em!