Sunday, 15 April 2012

Philomena Kwao - Britain’s first black plus size model

Philomena Kawo, 22 from Dartford Kent is being hailed as Britains first black plus size model after beating thousands of other hopefuls in a nationwide contest run by plus size clothing brand Evans in conjunction with Models 1 and

Philomena was one of five girls to make it through to the final of the plus sized modelling contest and as the winner of the competition, she is now signed with a division of Models 1, a company called Excel-Models1.

With her gorgeous curvy size 16 and striking looks Philomena has already had previous modeling experience as she was crowned Miss Ghana UK in 2008.

Since her win she has starred in numerous fashion features
including a beach-inspired shoot in this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine which is out this month.

Commenting on her recent win she said: “I hope to use this as a platform by which I can hopefully
empower girls and young women like myself. I also want to be a figurehead for young girls today who sometimes may become disillusioned by ‘the glamorous lifestyle’.”

Fiona Ross brand director from hopes that curvier representatives such as Philomena will help change attitude towards body size. Shelly Vella, fashion director of Cosmopolitan UK said:

“She has an incredible face and body, not to mention a professional and driven personality. She will excel, whatever she decides to do.  Personally I would love to see her front a beauty campaign.”


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