Thursday, 5 April 2012

There is a fantastic article on the Daily Mail website this week about plus size fashion bloggers.
We dont get that much recognition so to find such a great indepth article on a major news site was fantastic.

The article is based around Lesley Kinzel whose blog Two Whole Cakes is soon to be turned into a book, and aims to empower plus-size women.

Lesley shares her style advice on her site, along with authors of similar blogs titled Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too, Curves to Kill and Thicker Than your Average Girl, which all give the same message: We're fat, we look fabulous, and you can, too.

Fat is a loaded word, with weight and questions of what constitutes a healthy and attractive body image continuing to be a central discussions in the fashion industry.

Lesley Kinzel hopes to change the way the world views the adjective, seeing it as a fact rather than a word the politically correct tip-toe around, or a word the bullies use to inflict pain much the same of course as myself and my own blog does.

Read the full article on the Daily Mail Website.

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  1. I am right with you on this! I have had to change my own personal perspective on body image and I am a happier person because of it.