Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Nancy Hayssen Speaks out on Death of Anorexic Model

In 2007 Plus Size Model Nancy Hayssen posed nude in the controversial anti-anorexia billboard ad featured in Times Square, NYC. Nancy weighed 169 pounds and posed alongside anorexic model Isabelle Caro who weighed barely 59 pounds.

In January French model Isabelle Caro died aged just 28 years old after battling anorexia for almost 15 years. Now Plus size model and author Nancy Hayssen speaks out asking 'Who is to blame?".

She believes the root of the problem is the three Hollywood lies we’ve been told that destroy the way women feel about themselves:

1. No matter how much you weigh, you’re still too fat
2. No matter how skinny you are, you’ll never be skinny enough
3. No matter what you look like, you’ll never be good enough

Nancy says, “I feel sexy and confident of my voluptuous body. I believe ‘Sexy is a State of Mind.’”

“The fashion industry and Hollywood have spread the myth that to be “Thin Is In.”

Is the message Hollywood really sending to women that: “You need to starve yourself to look sexy and beautiful…starve yourself literally to death?”


  1. poor woman dying from anorexia. I was anorexic in my teens as I hated my big boned, solid body, I was never made to be petite and willowy, I am 44 and still cannot come to terms with my size, I have an apple shaped figure which i am constantly told by the media is unhealthy, a time bomb, masculine, etc etc. I would love to be hour glass but it just ain't happening and after years of diets, bulimia and crushing my naturally thick waist into corsets I think bugger it, food is too nice to give up enjoying even if i am shaped like a beach ball on pins.