Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Plus Size Model Nancy Hayssen

Plus size model Nancy Hayssen proves that you can be beautiful and sexy at any size!

In her late teens, Hayssen was approached by a photographer family friend and asked to pose for a photo shoot he needed in order to complete his portfolio. The photographer strongly suggested Hayssen consider becoming a plus size model.

Following his suggestion, Hayssen began seeking out modelling work and by the early 1990’s began her modeling career with Peggy Lutz designs. She went onto work with such companies as Hot Topic, Torrid, Igigi, Good House Keeping and Alectra.

Aswell as being a plus size model Nancy Hayssen is also a pilot, online entrepeneur and an accomplished author of the best selling book You Can Be Sexy at Any Size!

"Nancy is Plus Size Perfect and Full Figured Fabulous"