Friday, 29 October 2010

Kate Dillon Plus-Sized Model

Kate Dillon was hailed as "the next Cindy Crawford" when she began modelling as a slender fashion model at the age of 16, but Kate starved herself to maintain the body she needed as a high-fashion model.

Kate was bullied at school, being called “overweight Kate” but she was secretly battling anorexia, desperate to keep at an underweight size 6.

However, when she started eating, it got her modelling agencies and managers complaining that she was now too fat. Disgusted with their responses Kate Dillon decided to quit modelling.

Kate has successfully re-invented herself and imposed her beauty in fashion well beyond the concept of size.

Today as a recovered anorexic she is more successful than ever in her career as a plus-size model with three MODE covers, a clothing contract with Liz Claiborne, a cosmetic contract with Isabella Rossellini's Manifesto line and speaking engagements at forums such as Harvard University. Kate was also the first plus-size model to appear in a U.S. Vogue photo spread.

Kate is very active in environment-related and eco-fashion initiatives like Ecochic in Geneva. She supports Global Green. She also collaborates with Half the sky, an organization supporting women's rights.

Kate Dillon is an inspiration not only to plus-size women but also to young women who suffer from eating disorders, as she is proof that these illnesses can be overcome, you do not have to be a size zero to have a successful modelling career, nor do you have to be stick thin to look beautiful.

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